Center for Healing Studies and Energetics

healing physical and emotional trauma through varied modalities

Healing Events

Healing Pain + Therapy Sessions

Is it possible to heal your body of pain? You’ve healed from cuts, bruises and maybe even broken bones. So why do headaches, back, neck and joint pain feel impossible to overcome? Our studies and first-hand experience show that chronic and intense pain can also be healed. Click below to learn about these sessions.

Healing Chronic Pain Support Group

Ongoing support is key when it comes to healing chronic pain. We use playful—yet effective—methods to realign the nervous system and reset the body and mind back into balance. The Healing Pain + Therapy Sessions course is required prior to joining the support group.

Inner Peace Mission

Kinetic Gate is a grassroots nonprofit owned and operated by locals from Taos, NM. Our mission and life’s work is to bring forth practical ways to center yourself, no matter how chaotic life gets.

Restorative Sleep and Fatigue Recovery System

Half anxious, yet half bored? Exhausted, but can’t rest? Mental chatter at night, mental fog in the day? Brain numb, body sluggish? You might think you’re alone but it’s a common issue. Unless you have a known medical condition it’s likely the issue is due to a misfiring biological response. During sleep is when your body can recover and heal. The Restorative Sleep and Fatigue Recovery System shows you how to reset your biological response back into balance so you can get sound sleep, recover and heal.

Who it’s for: Anyone who’s stuck in the gray zone of half-asleep and half-awake.

Who it’s not for: If you’re currently taking sleep medication or melatonin supplements, this system is not for you.

Healing Through Movement

Weekly Dance Events

It’s your opportunity to get into the Flow State. These events are centered around flowing energy through your body, loosening tension and sweeping away blockages. The music at these events is selected to get your body moving and let yourself flow free!

Friends of Kinetic Gate

We love animals and we’re stoked to contribute to the New Mexico Wildlife Center hospital.